How it works

Choosing and buying your property could not be more simple. The Globium property portfolio contains investment grade properties in the world’s major cities. Simply decide where you would like to invest, or set your budget, to find out what properties are available. Check out our available property portfolio below.

Benefits to investors of paying the
deposit in $Globium Coin

A minimum of 5% of the purchase price will need to be paid in $Globium Coin.
However for investors who want to gear their purchase more heavily to $Globium Coin:

10% deposit paid
in $Globium Coin delivers

2.5% discount

15% deposit paid
in $Globium Coin delivers

5% discount

25%+ deposit paid
in $Globium Coin delivers

5% discount
& also a two year
rental guarantee

Balances can be financed on a mortgage, or paid in fiat or accepted cryptocurrency

Let's get started

Select the location of where you want to invest




Select the city in the UK where you would like to invest




Which site would you like in London


Prime real-estate in one of London’s most traditionally fashionable areas with high rental values

Stoke Newington

An area much beloved by hipsters and technocrats with strong capital growth potential


Super-trendy ‘village London’ area – expect creatives and crypto-start-up millennials as tenants


Genteel south of the river London popular with politicians, city types and old secure money

Properties available at our development

2 bed apartment with allocated parking


3 bed apartment with allocated parking


2 house with allocated parking


3 bed house with allocated parking


Privilege with a difference

When you buy and invest with Globium you join a community of global property owners.  You also gain membership of Globium X – an elite club that entitles you to special privileges ranging from concierge attention for all your property investments and a credit card that can be loaded with a loyalty bonus of up to £15,000 that can be used for future property purposes or at your discretion.